Festus K.Yangani



I am a Software Engineer with a background in Science Research. I enjoy software developement, REST APIs, web programming, physics, maths and chemistry, and all things computer science.. I'm also a technology enthusiast. I develop web applications from front-end to back-end. I enjoy working in dynamic environments, learning constantly and continuously adapting. I also maintain a few hobby coding and research projects that I work on whenever I find some spare time and energy.

Values and Ambitions

Learning Continuously My Values Technically balanced


With the hunger.


Take some material. Move it around, play with it, absorb & synthesize. Add structure & value, reinforce the good parts. Patch up the holes that are left. That's Software Development.

My Process

I enjoy working in dynamic environments. Learning constantly and adapting are qualities I value and enjoy in todays culture. dynamic digital culture.

Technologies & tools I use & like+

  • JavaScript + HTML + CSS + Bootstrap
  • Angular
  • React
  • Git
  • Unit testing
  • Node + Express
  • Bower + npm
  • Grunt + Webpack + Babel
  • Unit testing + Mocha + Chai
  • Encryption
  • SQL + NoSQL + Mongo
  • Algorithms
  • D3.js
  • Mithril



Tidal Flux

Browser based rhythm game

City Quest

Looking for a new adventure while on vacation or even in your hometown? Use the City Quest app to search for "quests" that align with your interests.


Uber-like scheduled service that people can use to have certain tasks completed while they are out of town.

Collaborative To-do app

The application allows multiple users, with private todo list and public shared to do list.

The source code for the projects is Open Sourced and avalaible on Github

Get in Touch

I would love to hear from you!

I'm currently available for Hire

If you want to get something built, help with a project or just fancy saying hi, feel free to send me a message.